Manor Primary School

Sports Premium

Sports Premium Grant Expenditure

Report to parents: 2016/2017

Total amount of Sport premium grant received


Nature of Expenditure 2016/2017

Forest School staffing and resources.

Sports equipment maintenance

After school sports and dance clubs

Lunchtime play equipment e.g. sponge balls

Playground markings to encourage active learning and play e.g. road way, grid for PE, alphabet/shape path, 100 square

Outdoor play equipment for Early Years e.g. staging for dance

Subsidy for transport to sports events for teams and for residential visit

Tamworth Sports Council membership - access to competitions and website







Priority areas of Sports Premium Grant spending 2017/18

Forest School staff and training

PE resources

Storage for Early Years bikes

Staff supported by 'super-coach' to increase regular physical exercise, range of sports offered, targeting 'inactive' children and those with lower self-esteem.Staff training for PE curriculum delivery and leadership.

Support for after school clubs and engagement in competitions including transport where necessary.

Measuring the impact of Sports Premium spending

The school will evaluate the impact of this spending by looking at the activity levels of children at break times and during curriculum times when accessing the outdoors and using the new equipment. The number of children accessing after school sports clubs and participating in inter-school sports will also be evaluated.

We will also look at levels of self-confidence and self-esteem and numbers of children accessing sports outside of school.

In 2016/17 we saw an increase in the number of clubs available to children after school and the participation levels steadily increase. We also entered more competitions with a wider range of children able to represent the school in these Level 2 (Tamworth wide) competitions.