Manor Primary School

Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium Grant Expenditure

Report to parents on school year: 2016/2017

Total number of pupils on roll

100 Full time

10 Part time nursery

Total number of pupils eligible
for pupil premium grant


Average amount of pupil premium grant received per pupil


Total amount of pupil premium
grant received

£ 7,950.46

Nature of support 2016/2017

·Additional support from
teaching assistants in the classroom

·Small group support by
teaching assistants in specially selected intervention groups for phonics,
literacy and numeracy

·Fischer Family Trust Wave 3
supporting 2 children with FFT Intervention: training and TA delivery

·Guidance and support from
nurture group sessions

Curriculum focus of Pupil
Premium Grant spending 2016/17

Supporting pupils in
intervention groups (1:1 precision teaching and small group)

Purchase of dyslexia friendly resources e.g. writing slope, large whiteboards, coloured paper.

Support for access to music tuition.

Support for school visit costs.

Measuring the impact of Pupil
Premium spending

The school will evaluate the
impact on each pupil at the end of each half term.

Evaluation will focus on
academic gains and how pupils’ self-confidence has developed as a consequence
of the intervention.