Manor Primary School

Phonics and Early Reading at Manor Primary School

We follow the Letters and Sounds Phonic Programme. Children are assessed and then grouped homogenously according to reading ability. This is throughout the school.

Children are taught:

We also follow the Support for Spelling programme in KS2 for some children.
This reinforces the phases that have been taught previously in Key Stage 1 and
helps to improve reading and writing skills.


Every day there is a 20-30 minute guided reading session from year one to year
six. This is when much of the structured teaching of reading takes place.

The teachers plan a carousel of activities for the children to work on through
the week. Teachers and Teaching Assistants work with each group once a week so
that every child is taught reading with an adult at least twice each week.
Teachers set challenging and enriching follow up activities that link to the
text the group has been reading. We use a combination of tasks to develop
greater understanding of reading that will extend the children's thinking.
The class teacher keeps a close record of the progress and achievement made by
each pupil.

Every child takes home a reading book and they are actively encouraged to read
this at home with parental support. The school library is also available for
children to borrow books from. There are regular reading challenges and book
themed days to keep the children motivated to read and promote the love of